Nitrogen Filled Tyres, Tyre Shop Chard, Somerset
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Nitrogen Car, Motorcycle and Truck Tyre Inflation, Chard, Somerset

Nitrogen Filled Tyres, Chard, Somerset

We believe that taking care of your tyres have massive safety, handling and cost benefits. Nitrogen is now widely used across many parts of Europe and is common on many new vehicles in Germany.*

bullet  What is Nitrogen Inflation?

Nitrogen inflation is basically a direct substitute to inflating tyres with compressed air.
For many years it has been used by professions that demanded the very highest standards in terms of safety and performance. For this reason it is used by aircraft manufacturers, Formula One racing cars and heavy mining and construction vehicles. The reason for this is that it is 100% safe, is entirely predictable and is superior to standard compressed air in every instance.*

bullet  Why would I want Nitrogen in my road car tyres?

The rubber tyre is like a membrane, through which oxygen permeates. This leakage results in under inflation unless tyres are checked on a very regular basis. Nitrogen significantly reduces the loss of pressure by a margin of up to 6 times. Compressed air also contains significant quantities of water vapour (humidity). When this is pumped into a tyre it acts as a catalyst and helps to develop rust and corrosion of the wheel. This corrosion can then increase pressure leaks from between the bead of the tyre and wheel. In extreme circumstances corrosion can also occur in the steel casing cords of the tyre causing structural weaknesses in the tyre itself. Water vapour in tyres also has the effect of expanding and causing fluctuations in the tyre pressure. This can cause the tyre to run hotter thus affecting the overall handling.*

bullet  Nitrogen inflation has the following benefits:

Correct tyre pressure delivers up to 30% greater tyre life
4% improved fuel economy
Improved vehicle handling and stability
No oxidation preserves the wheel from rust and corrosion
No water vapour delivers predictable tyre pressures
Nitrogen inflation is fully recommended to all our customers.*

Nitrogen Gas Tyre Inflation, Chard, Somerset

Nitroen inflation of Kumho Tyres TVE Tyres Chard use nitrogen to inflate the Kumho tyres we fit. We can inflate any other tyre supplied for only £1.73. We also have a facility for customers to check the pressures in their nitrogen filled tyres free of charge.


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